Poultry Producer Survey
Many small-scale poultry growers have a need for poultry processing under USDA inspection and/or organic certification. This inspection and/or certification makes products eligible for sale off-farm to restaurants, retail stores, and individual customers. We are looking for feedback from the local poultry community involved in the production of local, organic, and/or pastured poultry in our region to establish if a USDA inspected poultry processing facility is needed for our area.

The potential processing plant in Oxford, PA (southern Chester County) will deal primarily in the processing of chickens, but would potentially offer processing for ducks, turkeys, goose, and other fowl.

We would offer USDA inspected processing, which will eliminate processing-related restrictions on where and how the poultry products are sold. We will also be exploring the organics certification for processing, and religious exemptions such as halal and kosher.

In order to serve you, we are asking current and potential poultry producers to inform us of your wants and needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email: littlebranchbutcher@gmail.com
How many birds per year would you be interested in having processed at our facility, if the cost were:
Base price for whole bird, individual vacuum packaging, weighing, and labeling with weight
$4.00 per bird? *
$5.00 per bird? *
$6.00 per bird? *
Would you be interested in the following additional services (some at an additional cost)?
Online Scheduling
Crate rental
Bird pick up
Religious exempt slaughter
Saving gizzards
Air chilled
Yield Tracking
Bulk bag packaging
Value-Added Products
Delivery of finished product
Long-term frozen cold-storage
Wholesale Purchasing
If interested in Value-Added products, what would you be interested in?
Would you be interested in processing for the following animals?
Laying hens/roosters
Are there any other animals that you would be interested in processing?
Please answer the following questions about your production:
What is your current production status? *
Please describe the types of poultry and production methods used (or will use) - example: Pasture raised, organic, non-GMO, etc. *
If you are a current producer, please answer the following questions:
How many birds are you producing per year? Please give separate figures for each type of poultry or animal - example: chickens (300), turkeys (100), ducks (100)
What is your current processing cost per bird? You may also include additional pricing for parting, if available.
Please describe how your birds are processed currently - example: on-farm exempt, USDA inspected, custom processed, etc.
Additional comments, suggestions, or questions?
Farm Information
Your name
Farm Name
City & State of Farm *
Phone Number
Email (please include if you would like to receive updates about our planning and building process)
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