#BeBrave VIP Experience
This application is designed to help me understand if we'd be a good fit to work together.

I ask my students to dig deeper into themselves than they ever have before and I can guarantee two things:

1) We WILL get you results!
2) you WILL be uncomfortable!

Transformation is messy. Pushing past your boundaries both mentally and physically will open your world up in a way that you never thought possible, and I am honored that you have chosen me to guide you through the process.

**Please note** not all applications will be accepted so please complete this form fully so that I can see if I can help. I have a limited number of calls available this week so please complete ASAP!
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I know that working privately with Jen is by APPLICATION ONLY, and there is often a waiting list, but this is why I think I'd be a great fit to work with her: *
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I am only able to schedule a complimentary call with individuals who I believe I can truly help, and are 100% open and ready to jump all in to the process! Is there anything else you'd like me to know when considering your application? *
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