Alientrap developer position
JANUARY 13th: Positions have been filled! Feel free to still apply (or email but we are no longer looking to fill specific positions.


Hey! Alientrap is a Toronto based game developer looking for Unity programmers for our current projects. All work would be remote, and we are looking for a variety of time commitments.

Being Ontario based is a large plus! Some of our projects are entirely Ontario developed (Cryptark/Apotheon/unannounced), while others (our current VR projects like Modbox/MaximumVR) are by developers based all over the world.

- Unity experience, C# programming, with some work/projects online we can check out

And that is it! We are looking for programmers - but artistic experience is a plus. Also if we can see any experience in prototyping gameplay

Majority of work will be remotely (we communicate on Slack, use Trello for project management, and SVN/GIT for version control).

Even if you are a hobbyist game dev or a student looking to do their first professional work - let us know! We have a variety of projects and our biggest factor in judging will be on previous work and projects we can check out.

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Link to your work. Your website, or Github page, resume, youtube channel, asset store packages - or list of game projects you've worked on. Anything where we can see your work.
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