30x30 - The Rapid Rider Network
We’re creating a network of rapid bus and train routes to tie San Francisco’s neighborhoods together with end-to-end service in 30 minutes. Let’s make it happen by 2030!
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Rapid service means trains (J, K, L, M, N, and T), and bus service on an existing route that skips stops (the 5R, 9R, 14R, 28R, and 38R). Buses and trains should come at least every 10 minutes.

However, routes currently defined as Rapid don't always live up to existing standards, the existence of the Rapid network is not clearly communicated, and we want a higher standard for Rapid.

Muni's current Rapid network
Which Muni line do you want Rapid service on next?
What two neighborhoods would you like to connect with faster Muni? (From _____________ to _____________.)
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To help Muni travel more safely, more smoothly, and faster, we have to make some compromises.
Do you support some parking removal for faster and more reliable Muni? *
Would you be willing to wait an extra minute to cross the street, if it means that buses and trains are faster and more reliable? *
Do you support red transit-only lanes *
What are your top 3 priorities for bus stops?
San Francisco Transit Riders is building a community of every day transit riders, community organizations, and city officials that support the 30x30 vision. By joining this alliance you will be counted as a supporter!
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