MCSR Official Files Submission Form
Use this form to submit files for your runs if applicable!

Zip your files (you can use 7zip or winrar or whatever you like best), and then upload these to mega, or google drive, or dropbox or whatever you want as long as we can access it.

If you have one link for all files, copy and paste that link to each text box. If you're not submitting one or some of these (for example if your run does not require submitting full .minecraft) then leave that section blank.
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Username on *
Discord username link to run submission *
Copy and paste the link for your run on
Link to world files
Zip and upload the PB world, you can find this in .minecraft/saves
Link to 5 previous world files
Just the 5 saves before your PB world in your .minecraft/saves
Link to log files
You can find these in .minecraft/logs. Zip and post the logs for whichever session had your PB. If you're not sure, then zip and post the logs for that entire day, and also the log titled "latest.log".
Link to full .minecraft
For high level runs if needed, you may want to zip and upload your full .minecraft folder though this is not always necessary.
Link to full VOD that includes PB
Upload full VOD to youtube unlisted, or some other way and put link here
Link to proof of previous attempts
You may link your twitch channel or youtube channel if you have runs uploaded there. Otherwise you may upload recorded vods onto youtube unlisted or onto Google Drive, whatever can work for sharing this proof with us.
Link to multi-instance VOD
For people who use multi-instancing, you must submit a VOD which shows all your instances. If this is not a separate VOD for you and is included in the SRC run link submission, filling this out is not necessary.
Link to ServerSideRNG zip file
Any other requested proof may go here
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