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We have a team of researchers who range from post-docs to tenured professors who work with us. Let us help you with your research, data analysis, and strategic planning.
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Ecosystem Building: Many firms building tech ecosystems focus solely on the city level: How can the city do better to support the growth of your ecosystem. We at #BlackTechFutures Research Institute focus on cities, but also other types of human ecologies that include faith communities, entrepreneurial ecosystems, research communities, artist communities, etc. If you are looking to understand how to align, co-create, or build your community or business within or outside large tech trends, let us know.  Our ecosystem building professionals draw on a wealth of experience to help you build and align your vision.
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Data & Research We Speak Data. We help you answer valuable questions that promote growth in your community or business. We help you shape and advance your research agenda. We believe good research is one that tells a human story and employ data visualizations and other empirical imagery. Let us tell your story.
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: At #BlackTechFutures Research Institute, diversity, equity, & inclusion is not about checking a box, but about organizational transformation. It starts with getting clear on your values in conversation with key thought leaders and articulating the kind of culture that will nurture and sustain it.
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Strategic Planning: We believe strategic planning is telling an actionable story. This story is informed by research and communal decision making. We see this breathing document as an ever evolving guide post for mission effectiveness.
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