Team Registration for Marketing Challenger S9

▶ Marketing Challengers is a nationwide marketing competition for university undergraduates. This is a playground for students, regardless of their marketing foundation, to experience real industry working process of developing an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan and presenting their ideas to client brand, who is the competition's exclusive sponsor.

▶ For students who participate in the competition as contestants, Marketing Challengers will be an opportunity for them to practice working in marketing industry, gain skills (teamwork, presentation, analysing) and knowledge (market research, marketing communication) and stand a chance to to make themselves outstanding in front of famous sponsoring brands, who could be their employers in the future.

▶ Fill this form if ONLY you have form a complete team of 3-4 members. Some note for team registration are:
* One contestant can only be in ONE team.
* Participants in one team can come from DIFFERENT universities or colleges.
* Participants who proceeded to the finale of Marketing Challengers previous years cannot participate in Marketing Challengers Season 9.
*Undergraduates or Fresh Graduates (people who graduate right in or after 2018) from any majors.
* Ambassadors, Organizing Team and those who work for Exclusive Sponsor, Strategic Partners and In-kind Sponsors of Marketing Challengers Season 9 cannot join the contest.

▶ Registration Deadline: 17:00 PM - 18/03/2018.

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