Ministry and Teaching Program Survey
Please select as accurately as possible how much of a factor each statement played in choosing to not pursue the ministry or teaching program. Your answers will remain anonymous.
Age group I am in.
Male or Female
The number of schooling years required to complete the ministry program.
The cost of schooling at ILC.
The duties and work of the teaching or preaching profession.
The compensation as a called preacher or teacher.
The degree from Immanuel Lutheran College is a non accredited degree.
The location of Immanuel Lutheran College.
My personal gifts are not suitable for the public ministry.
A lack of desire to serve in this way.
The uncertainty of receiving a divine call (getting a job).
The uncertainty of the location at which I would be serving.
Pastors, teachers, and/or professors have cast a negative light on the work.
The lack of availability of taking classes online.
Any other factors that contributed to my decision.
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Please leave you name and email if you would like to discuss this on a personal level. Otherwise, your responses will remain anonymous.
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