Shop Lake Grove Business Survey
The Boones Ferry Road Project team has developed a Shop Lake Grove Marketing Campaign to help support businesses during construction of the two and a half year project.

Free opportunities available to eligible* businesses may include:

• Participating in a project-sponsored monthly $100 gift card raffle where customers enter to win a gift card to a participating business of their choice. Raffle promotion would start in September, and would be available through the end of construction (late 2021). Businesses must register to participate through this survey and be willing to place a raffle box on display in their business.

• Project-sponsored ‘Featured Business Focus’ highlighting a different business located within the current active work zone each month or every other month through the end of construction. Includes a short article or video about the business and what they offer, shared through project listserv or city’s social media.

Please complete this short survey if you are interested in participating in this free campaign. For more information about how the project is supporting businesses during construction, please visit

*Eligibility criteria is available here:

What is the name of your business? *
What is the business specialty? i.e. restaurant, grocery store, medical, retail, professional services etc.
What is your business address/location? *
Please provide your name. *
What is your role/position at the business?
What is your email address? *
What is your phone number? *
Are you interested in participating in the free, project-sponsored monthly raffle? *
Does your business offer gift cards or gift certificates available for purchase? *
Are you willing to have people stop by your business (during open hours) to enter into a monthly raffle? *
Are you willing to have a small raffle box (approx 6"x12") located at your business? Please note, to participate in the raffle, businesses must be willing to display a raffle box (provided by the project team). *
Are you willing to have your employees supply city-provided raffle entry cards (about the size of a business card) to patrons of your business? No purchase is necessary to enter the raffle. *
Are you interested in providing key information (e.g. highlights, specialties) to promote your business on a project featured 'Business Focus' page? *
Are you interested in providing your business logo or a photo to the project team, for the Business Focus? *
Are you interested in being in a short video featuring your business for the monthly Business Focus or potential “Shop Lake Grove” promotional video? *
Does your business have a specific business email address? If yes, please provide. *
Does your business have a website? If yes, please provide. *
Does your business use social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? If yes, please provide. *
Do you have any questions related to the project-sponsored Shop Lake Grove Marketing Campaign?
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