ThoughtSTEM Summer Internship Program -- 2018 Application
ThoughtSTEM's internship program is designed for high school (age 17+) through college students interested in pursuing careers in technology or education.

For one half of the summer, interns will work with our staff of software developers and computer science educators to build their portfolio/resume with relevant curriculum development and/or software development projects. For the second half of the summer, interns will mentor local San Diego students in our popular computer science summer camps. ThoughtSTEM's internship program is designed to build leaders in computer science & education!

The first step in the internship application process is to fill out the application below. Part of this application requires that you choose an interview time. This is an interview, but it's not something to stress about! This will be a group interview, where you will get to know the ThoughtSTEM staff, learn about the internship program, and also meet some of the other applicants for the internship program. Within two weeks of the group interview, you'll receive notification of whether you're accepted into the internship program!

UPDATE, 4/24/2018: At this time, we are not scheduling more interviews until we have more student enrollments in our summer camps that would require us to hire additional interns. However, you are still welcome to apply to our internship program below! We will contact you immediately if a spot in our internship program becomes available and will schedule a group interview date for you at that time.

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