Member Mini Survey - Funding
We are interested in hearing your feedback on funding at McGill. One of our major bargaining mandates is to ensure that there is a clear distinction between stipends and TA wages. AGSEM members have expressed concern that ambiguities around types of funding has resulted in stagnant graduate student funding and, in some cases, a significant loss to a student's overall funding.

Your responses will help us negotiate for fair funding packages and TA contracts for everyone across campus. Your personal information will be kept confidential.

We are currently collecting funding letters issued by McGill. We're asking for you to send us your funding letters to us, whether they're from this year or a few years ago. With more examples of sketchy funding practices, we will build a stronger case to prevent McGill from clawing back your funding. You can send us PDFs of your letters already in redacted form (or we will do this for you), or describe any funding practice to us that you find concerning. Confidentiality is a high priority for us, so please contact us with any questions you have. -->
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