2020 Art Fight Moderator Application

Please be aware that all positions with Art Fight are volunteer only at this time!
This means you will be paid with gratitude, but there will be no monetary compensation.

- You must have participated in one Art Fight to apply (does not include participation in the Minigames)
- You must be at least 18 years old to apply
- You must have a Discord account and are in the Art Fight Discord server

Some of the responsibilities of Site Mods are:
Moderating attacks and characters uploaded to Art Fight, warning and deleting inappropriate submissions or anything that breaks the TOS, reviewing and handling reports made onsite, and other onsite duties! Please note that Site Mods should still be active during the off-season!

Some of the responsibilities of Chat Mods are:
Enforcing the rules within the Discord server, as well as helping with minigames during the off-season!

Minigames entail: moderating the various Minigames channels, enforcing Minigames timeouts, hosting Telephone games on occasion, etc!

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