Request to Examine and/or Copy District Records

Records of the Board, except those specifically exempted by statute, are open to public inspection at the Office of the Superintendent. Persons desiring to examine records that are not exempt from public disclosure may do so during regular working hours. Regular working hours shall be posted at the main entrance of the Central Office and of each school building, as appropriate.

Records exempted from public access include:
1. Records of a personal nature where public disclosure is an invasion of personal privacy.
2. Records or information confidentially disclosed to the Board whose disclosure would permit an unfair advantage to competitors.
3. Records or negotiation of real estate transactions until such time as property has been acquired.
4. Test questions and scoring keys before an exam, examinations that are to be reused, and tests that are copyrighted.
5. Preliminary drafts and recommendations.
6. Student records that are prohibited from release by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and/or the Kentucky Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.
7. Any record, the disclosure of which would have a reasonable likelihood of threatening the public safety.
8. Emergency plan and diagram of a school.

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Brad Smith, Communications Coordinator
Lincoln County Student Support Center
Stanford, KY 40484

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