Time and Talent Survey 2018-2019
God has blessed each of us with gifts and talents that enrich our own lives and the lives of others. Please prayerfully consider the gifts you are able to share and submit a time and talent survey, either using this online form or by completing a paper form available in the narthex. Survey responses provide useful and important information to church staff and council members in developing and furthering the mission of our congregation and the work we do in service to God.
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All responses are appreciated and help us worship together, serve together, and lift up each other. Early submission of survey responses helps staff and council members identify areas of abundance and need and assists in development of programs, events, and budgets for the upcoming year. Some congregation members prefer paper while others prefer electronic forms, so please use the format you prefer. All responses are appreciated and valuable!

This online survey includes a section at the end of the form for free response and comments where you can provide additional information, clarifications, and suggestions. Please also use this comment section to ask for someone to contact you.

Please have each confirmed member of your household fill out a survey and submit individual responses. A separate form is available for children and youth who are not yet confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office (847-945-1550 or lutheranholyspirit@gmail.com).
Thank you!
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Please check any or all talents or areas of interest under each section and click the Submit button to send your responses to the church office.
I would be interested in sharing my time and talents in furthering the mission of our church in the following ways:
Worship and Music - - Carol Duprey (Council Representative), Mike Duffy (Music Director)
Attend regular weekly worship.
Assistant Minister - Read the lessons, participate in the liturgical prayers, and assist with communion distribution (no singing required).
Usher - Distribute bulletins, bring communion bread & wine forward, collect offering, record the number of worshipers, and create a general environment of hospitality.
Altar Guild - Prepare the altar for worship and clean up the altar after worship.
Adult Choir - Rehearse on Wednesday evenings and sing on Sundays alternating between 1st and 2nd services.
Bell Choir - Rehearse on Wednesday evenings and play on select Sundays.
Brass / Wind Ensemble - Rehearse and play on select Sunday mornings.
Christmas Band - Rehearse on a couple Sundays before Christmas and play on Christmas Eve.
Special Music - Share special instrumental or vocal music at a service in consultation with the music director.
Summer Music - Provide special instrumental or vocal music during the summer season in consultation with the music director.
Hymn Selection - Work with the worship & music team to select hymns that will be sung at Sunday services for a month.
Property-Dave Schroetter (Council Rep.)
Help with tasks to keep our building and grounds looking their best (specific needs and tasks may be noted on a Property checklist instead of or in addition to designated "Workdays").
Lawn Mowing / Snow Blowing - Sign up by the week or month during the summer and winter seasons.
Special Skills - Volunteer as needs arise (select all that apply, please note other skills in comment box at the end of this survey):
Growth & Hospitality - Jan Schwanke (Council Rep.)
Greeters - Provide a welcome presence to members & visitors before worship on Sunday. Direct visitors to the coat rack, nursery, washrooms, etc. and answer any questions they might have.
Busy Bags for Children - Help keep the busy bags updated and resupplied.
Community Outreach - Address postcards or notes to new members of surrounding communities.
Coffee Host - Set up the coffee maker and put out cups, sugar and creamer (this may be done on Saturday). Turn on the coffee Sunday morning.
Hospitality Team - Help plan an event to welcome new and prospective members or help with monthly "Meet and Greets."
Human Needs & Caring Community - Emmanuel Neela (Council Rep.)
PADS Lake County Homeless Shelter - Donate food items, prepare meals, or fill a shift at our PADS site (Messiah Lutheran in Wauconda) the 2nd Saturday of the month.
Donate food items
Prepare Meals
Fill a shift at PADS site
Select all that apply
Blood Drive - Donate blood, support blood drive staff, or distribute refreshments to donors.
Refugee One Task Force - Coordinate LCHS support of Refugee One's efforts to resettle refugees in the Chicagoland area.
Riding With Spirit - Volunteer to drive for members who need a ride to church and other locations (e.g. medical appointments) on an "as needed" basis.
COOL Food Pantry - Donate monthly food items or deliver our monthly collections to the pantry in Waukegan.
Quilting Group - Help make quilts for Lutheran World Relief - meets 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Home Meal Support - Prepare a meal for members just home from the hospital or in special need.
Funeral Meals - Help organize, serve and clean up coffee reception or lunch meal (usually catered) in the fellowship hall following a funeral.
Prayer Group - Attend weekly gathering to pray for our church and members of our community as we share each other's burdens and joys.
Caring Community Planning Team - Help develop various activities and programs to support the LCHS community.
Christian Education - - Kari Davenport (Council Rep.), Jennifer Williams (Children's Ministry Director)
Sunday School Teacher - Share teaching responsibilities with at least one other teacher during Sunday School Hour (between services).
Substitute Teacher - Fill in for Sunday School teachers as needed during Sunday School Hour (between services).
Tuesday LYFE Helper - Assist with enrichment program for 2nd-6th graders on Tuesday afternoons (4-6 p.m.).
Vacation Bible School Volunteer - Help with music, crafts, snacks and Bible stories during VBS, usually held the last week of July.
Children's Ministry event volunteer--help as needed at events such as Trunk or Treat, Gingerbread Jamboree, etc.
Sunday Adult Forum - Attend weekly sessions during the Sunday School Hour (between services).
Thursday Morning Bible Study - Attend weekly Bible studies held on Thursdays from 10-11:30 a.m.
Library Volunteer - Cover, catalogue, and reshelve books.
Youth Ministry -- Brittany Larson (Council Rep.), Colin Pilkington (Youth Director)
Sunday Confirmation Teacher - Lead a unit for 7th & 8th grade confirmands during Sunday School Hour (between services).
Confirmation Program Assistant - Help on Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. to assist with confirmation program activities.
Teen Youth Program (8th-12th graders) - Participate in weekly youth group meetings (Sunday evenings) and other youth group events.
Teen Youth Program Assistant (adults) - Help with leading, chaperoning, or driving for youth group activities, as needed.
Fellowship - Kymm Brown (Council Rep.)
CUFF (Christians United for Fellowship) - Help organize one or more fellowship activities (e.g. Beef & Lobster Dinner, Wine Tasting, Church Picnic, etc.).
MOST (Men of Spirit Together) - Participate in and help plan events and casual gatherings throughout the year (e.g. Darts, Billiards, Oktoberfest dinner, etc.).
WELCA (Women of the ELCA) - Participate in and help plan events and casual gatherings throughout the year (e.g., Holiday Boutique, Angel Tree, Lutheran Day Nursery visit, etc.).
ExPOS (Experienced People of Spirit) - Participate in and help plan events and casual gatherings throughout the year.
Stewardship - Donna Williams (Council Rep.)
Stewardship Appeal - Assist with planning and execution of the annual stewardship campaign.
Long-Term Planning - Joe Labellarte (Council Rep.)
Contribute ideas and assist with planning activities, including for example, Sanctuary enhancements such as new flooring.
Finance - Larry Brady (Council Rep.)
Offering Counters - Count and log the weekly offerings.
Financial Review Committee - Set financial policies and audit annual financial records; meet two times per year.
Communication and Technology - Joe Labellarte (Council Rep.)
Web Site & Social Media - Help with the church website, social media postings on Facebook, etc. Training provided.
Video Kiosk - Help maintain the video kiosk in the Narthex. Training provided.
Photography & Videos - Take photos or videos throughout the year at holidays, social gatherings, confirmation, etc. Help with short presentations for events like stewardship and Confirmation.
Church Governance & Leadership Teams - Jan Schwanke (Council Rep.)
Church Council - Volunteer to serve on Church Council and help guide the direction of the church.
Endowment Fund Committee - Serve as a trustee to review applications and decide how to allocate endowment fund money.
Columbarium Committee - Serve as a trustee to maintain the columbarium.
Comments and Suggestions
Please use this section to provide additional comments, suggestions, and ideas. For example, if you are interested in serving as assistant minister but only during services when choir is singing, or if you are interested in ushering but will not be available in January, please include such information here. Similarly, if you have time or talents that are not included in the survey, please share that information here. If you are interested in a topic addressed in the survey but have additional questions or are interested in serving but need to qualify or explain a response, please comment here. Thank you.
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