WFT Ireland: Writers/Directors/Producers - Survey 2017
In an effort to collect much-needed stats and research about gender and the Irish film&TV industry, Women in Film&TV Ireland would appreciate if you could take a moment to fill in this quick survey. It takes less than a minute and it is confidential. We are concentrating, in this instance, on the high-level creative roles of writer, director and producer.
You do not need to be a member or associated with WFT to complete this survey.
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Thank you!
1. Do you identify as
2. Is your primary income source as
3. Do you work primarily in
4. How long have you worked professionally in your current capacity as a writer/producer/director?
5. If you work in film, do you work primarily in
6. If you work in Television or online media, do you work primarily in
7. Do you work primarily in
8. Over the past two years, what is your annual pre-tax income from your work asa director/producer/writer for film and TV? (Please exclude income earned from other sources)
9. Over the last two years, what is the average per-hour production budget of the projects on which you have worked as a director/producer/writer?
10. Do you work primarily
11A. Have you ever considered gender was a factor when negotiating a tender, or when interviewing for a commission?
11B. If you answered Yes or Don’t Know above, on the occasion(s) where you considered gender may have been a factor, did you feel your gender to be
11C. Please give details of circumstances when you feel this occurred. Your answer will remain anonymous and will be treated with strictest confidence:
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