Clarity Update Questionnaire
We are preparing for the next Clarity app update. I've created Clarity for you and want to continue to help you improve your life as you prepare for and go through menopause. I am writing new scripts for the update and would love to know what you find useful and what you would like some help with. I have prepared 10 questions for you, if there is anything else you would like to add please leave a comment in the last box below.
1. Which sessions do you enjoy the most? *
2. Are you managing to practice mindfulness daily? *
3. What would help you to be/stay consistent? *
4. We are planning on adding some extra sleep sessions. What else would you find helpful? *
5. Based on feedback we are going to make the InstaCalm session faster to access incase you have a panic attack or heart palpitations. Are there any other improvements you would to see? *
6. What are the menopausal symptoms you're noticing the most at the moment? *
7. Do you track your symptoms? *
8. If so, where do you track them? *
9. Do you track your symptoms daily or weekly? *
10. Any other feedback, comments or thoughts?
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