Greenovate Boston Youth Leaders Training, Grades 6-12: Interest Form
Do you know students who want to learn more about climate change's impacts on Boston? Do you know students who want to be trained as youth climate leaders so they can make their BPS schools and neighborhoods healthier, greener places to learn, play, and live?

Sign-up below to schedule a GREENOVATE BOSTON YOUTH LEADER TRAINING at your school.

This training will empower students with City of Boston climate change knowledge and leadership skills, and provide resources for students to lead environmental actions at their schools. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to join the students during the training.

Upon completion of the training, Greenovate Boston Youth Leaders will be expected to:
1) Create and implement a school-based environmental action. Thanks to a $5,000 Bold Ideas Award from Schneider Electric, some funding will be available to support the students' actions. Ideas for actions will be brainstormed and shared at the training. The actions should be completed within one year following the training.
2) BPS Sustainability staff will help Leaders form a permanent school-based student environmental organization/club (like BLS Youth Climate Action Network) in order to continue their climate leadership beyond the 2019-2020 academic year.

BPS Sustainability staff will support students throughout all steps. Support will include in-person coaching and mentoring, networking connections, funding, and access to resources needed to implement the school-based environmental action.

▶ This training is being offered for students in grades 6-12.
▶ Based on results from the pilot phase, we recommend that students voluntarily sign-up for this program, rather than holding it as a mandatory program during your class time. We need to prioritize groups of students who want to lead and complete an action, but are currently lacking the information and resources to do so.
▶ The training will be a combination of a PowerPoint Presentation and interactive discussion and planning.
▶ The training will be held onsite at your school and should be held after school hours. It will be 1.5 hours long.
▶ The training should be held in a classroom/space with a projector (needed) and flexible furniture (preferred) to help facilitate discussion.
▶ Ideal student participation size is 5-30 students.
▶ Refreshments will be provided during the trainings held after school hours.
▶ This training is sponsored by BPS Sustainability, Boston Student Advisory Council, Greenovate Boston, and Schneider Electric, and will be planned and facilitated by BPS Sustainability staff.

Questions? Contact BPS Sustainability and Environmental Resources Manager Katherine H. Walsh,, 617-635-9576.

(Once your interest has been received, Katherine will contact you to work out the scheduling details, who will be in attendance, and if the attendees will need any translation or accessibility assistance, or have dietary restrictions.)

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