Wines Science Olympiad Registration Form
Yea, it's finally here! Please complete this form for EACH child separately. There are three requirements for complete registration;

1) Completed Google Form
2) Completed Permission / Participation Release Form
3) Completed Payment (with order number)

For #2 above: A WESO participation release form is required. A link to this form is located below and can also be found on the website. Please turn in the form in the main office (WESO mailbox), to your child's coach at the first practice or email it to

For #3 above: The participation fee is $10 per student. You will find a link at the end of the form to our on-line payment system. Payment confirmation (your order number) must be entered into this form before your child's registration will be complete.

Scholarships are available by contacting the Wines School office for a hard copy of this registration form.

If your child is interested in an event that needs a coach, PLEASE, please consider coaching.

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Official Wines Science Olympiad t-shirts will be provided for each competitor. Please select what size your child will need. (If you already have a shirt, please indicate that below as well) *
My child will commit to attending the Science Olympiad Team practice meetings beginning the week of March 4th and continuing until the Olympiad on May 11th, 2019 *
Students are sometimes photographed during practice or the competition for publicity purposes only. *
Our team is required to provide lots of volunteers the evening before or the day of the competition. We request that each family serve a minimum of one volunteer shift for each of their participants. Additional volunteers are welcome. *
Please indicate your volunteer preferences. We will contact you to confirm your assignments. *
Event Choices
Please realize that unless parents volunteer to coach, teams will not be formed. We still need coaches. Coaches' children will receive priority event placement. Placement will then be made in order of completed registration received.

Note practice times. Teams will meet from the week starting March 4th untill Competition day on May 11th following AAPS in-school schedule. Participants need to be able to attend >80% of practices.

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Registration Form & Fee
WESO Permission Form - Must be completed, signed and turned into office or emailed ( for complete registration.

There is a $10 registration fee for all participants. Please follow this link to make payment. Once you have registered, please enter your order number below.

Scholarships are available by contacting the Wines Office.

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