Join The Next Egg's First Hatch and start a solo 401(k)!
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JOIN THE FIRST HATCH: Our team at has a goal of signing up at least 100 self-employed individuals to start self-directed solo 401(k)s in 2019 and early 2020. As a community of new self-directed retirement investors, we'll be able to learn from each other, share ideas, and maximize our impact by investing in enterprises that support our local economies, environment, and racial justice!

NEXT STEPS: If you want to be part of our First Hatch, your steps are:
1) Fill out this form (this doesn't commit you to anything)
2) Join (Use this linke to get one month for free:
3) We'll communicate next steps for attending a webinar on November 14
4) Then, if you are ready to commit, you can officially start your 401(k) plan for a basic cost of $300 with QPS, Inc. details below.

THE BASIC PLAN: We've partnered with Qualified Pension Services, Inc. (QPS, Inc.) in Denver to give The Next Egg community members access to lower-cost Solo 401(k) plans. The Next Egg members may get a "document-only” Solo 401(k) plan for $300, with no annual fees. This is a "DIY" plan, meaning you will administer it and do your own accounting and record-keeping. There is also a fee for an IRS-required Plan restatement of the documents that occurs about every 6 years. Based on our comparison of 13 different providers, this is an amazing price for basic plan documents, and it makes self-directed retirement savings accessible even to low-moderate income entrepreneurs.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE: If you need additional support with your 401(k), QPS, Inc. offers administrative assistance and guidance at $135/hour. QPS, Inc. also offers full-service Solo 401(k)s (which includes annual administrative support) for a reduced installation fee of $500 and annual fee of $350 - $700 (depending on your needs).

YOU: First, we need to make sure you are eligible. For our first hatch, we're looking for self-employed individuals who have no employees and who do not have a spouse who owns a business. If you don't qualify, no worries! The Next Egg plans to organize future "hatches" to access other kinds of plans and tools.

BTW, WE'RE NOT A BROKER! WE'RE BUILDING COMMUNITY AND LEARNING! is a project of Sustainable Economies Law Center, LIFT Economy, and Michael Shuman, and we're not a broker of financial services. We're here to build community, build movements, channel capital to local communities, teach, and learn. If you don't want to be part of the community, feel free to reach out to QPS or another 401(k) provider directly.
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