Officer Nominations and Committee Interest Form
Listed below are the open officer positions with descriptions for our booster club. In addition, committees which assist with various events ie: band show, parades, fundraisers, community events, and concerts are in need of helpers! Please indicate any interest you may have in these positions or your nominees OR committees. You may select more than one position or committee. Thank you for your consideration and all you due to support the Mogadore Music Department!
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Officer Positions:
Select a box if interested or provide a name for someone you would like to nominate!
Vice President- The Vice President shall assist the President in all affairs of the organization such as membership, finances, and public relations. The Vice President shall replace the President when the President is not present. The Vice President shall automatically succeed the President in the event of the President’s resignation prior to fulfilling their appointed term.
Nomination: Vice President
Secretary- The Secretary shall duly record all minutes of regular and special meetings. The secretary assures the safe retention of these records for further use.
Nomination- Secretary-
Treasurer- The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all moneys from the committee chairperson and record the receipt or disbursement of all funds which are the responsibility of the organization.
Member-At-Large- The member at large shall replace the Secretary when the Secretary is not present. This person is a voting member to break any tied votes.
Nomination: Member-At-Large
Committee Opportunities
If you are interested in chairing or participating in a committee, please indicate yes or no to the committees listed. Anyone who is not selected as a chair may still serve on the committee!
Parade Committee- Ensure there are two banner carriers for the parade, parents walking with the band, and water available at the end of all parade routes
Uniform Committee- Assist with fitting students for marching band and concert band uniforms-- monitoring uniform condition for repair, cleaning.
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Community Events Committee- Assist with organizing tables and music representation for the Craft Fair, Community Fair and Art Show, and other Community Events!
Fundraiser Committee- Work alongside the treasurer to manage fundraisers throughout the school year and research new opportunities for the booster group.
Concert Committee- Assist the directors with any special needs or presentations for concerts and programs within the music department (ie: cookies for elementary bands, etc.)
Tag Day Committee- Assist directors with tag day execution, managing routes, and securing volunteers for the event
Celebration Committee- Organize events to celebrate our student successes ie: end of year picnic, booster banquet, special activities for the students
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