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Hello perspective Community Hops member.  Please fill out the member application below.

Community Hops is an educational organization of community gardens.  Membership gives you access to educational opportunities encompassing the entire process of growing specialty crops using sustainable agricultural practices.  Working in the garden will let you experience everything from installing the garden through harvest and planning for the next year.

Community Hops Rules:
1.  Annual dues are $25 and are good through December 31st of the current year.
2.  Be familiar with the bylaws and purpose of the organization.
3.  Spend at least 4 workdays (as defined in the bylaws) working in the garden.
4.  Respect all neighbors and members.

Clicking "Send Form" means you agree to follow all Community Hops rules and bylaws.  Any violation of the rules may result in loss of membership with no refund of dues and loss of access to all Garden resources.

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.
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