Cat Socializing Quiz
This quiz is for all volunteers interested in working with the cats at NAHS.
Email address *
When cleaning or socializing, how often should you sanitize your hands? *
How many beds should be in a cat condo/cage? How many toys? *
You must always were a smock when socializing the kittens. *
If you’re socializing cats/kittens during adoption hours and visitors asks you to take a cat or kitten out of the cage so they can hold it, what should you do? *
Are kittens allowed to be on the floor? *
What are some signs that a cat has had enough interaction? *
Should cat socializers check the litter boxes of caged cats and kittens to see if they need changing throughout the day? *
Is it okay to fill a cat or kitten’s food bowl without asking an animal care staff member? *
Is it okay to fill an empty water bowl without asking an animal care staff member? *
It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the cat and kitten rooms are kept tidy. What should you look for when tidying the rooms? Check all that apply. *
The staff relies on volunteers to help with what other activities around the shelter: *
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