What do you know about INVASIVE QUAGGA/ZEBRA MUSSELS???
Help us keep Clear Lake safe from invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels by taking this quick survey! (If completing this form by computer, Google is the preferred browser for ease of use.)
1. Within the last 6 months, how have you used Clear Lake? (check all that apply)
2. Do you know about Lake County's invasive Quagga/Zebra mussel boater fee "sticker" program?
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3. Can you identify the invasive Quagga and Zebra mussels? (Select all images you think are invasive Quagga or Zebra mussels.)
4. How would you rate your knowledge on invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels? (mark the number that best describes your knowledge)*For mobile phone users, swipe right/turn phone sideways for more options*
1 None
2 Some/Average
3 Above Average/High
The Quagga/Zebra mussel threat in California
How Quagga/Zebra mussels are spread
The "Clean, Drain, and Dry" program
The Quagga/Zebra mussel prevention program on Clear Lake
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5. Before this survey, had you heard about invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels, and if so, how did you learn about them? (check all that apply)
6. Check all the ways you can "Clean, Drain, and Dry" your boat or recreational equipment to prevent the spread of invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels.
7. I believe that an introduction of invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels into Clear Lake will have a negative impact on both the ecology and economy of Lake County.
8. Although not the only pathway, the most likely way invasive Quagga/Zebra mussels could be introduced into Clear Lake is by: (Click the best answer from the drop down menu.)
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9. I would like more information about the invasive Quagga/Zebra mussel prevention program emailed to me at the following email address:
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Let us know if you have any additional comments or questions regarding aquatic invasive species in Clear Lake. Thanks!
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Propeller contaminated with invasive mussels
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