2018 Commercial Property Trash Collection Survey
The City of Huber Heights is conducting a survey to gather information for the development of a centralized commercial trash collection program. The intention of this program is to offer reduced costs through a consortium based program sponsored by the City.

We are in the beginning stages of research, and there is not yet a program developed. Our first step is gathering information about your current trash collection services. We ask that you go to the link below and take the quick 9-question survey to help us get necessary information for next steps.

Thank you for yout time and input!

Please enter the Street Name that your business is on. *
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Does your business individually contract for trash collection or is it part of a lease / property management? *
If you contract for trash collection, is your contract part of a regional contract with other locations of your business? *
How often do you receive trash collection? (Choose the closest frequency) *
How many containers do you require for trashcollection at your business? (Not including specialty containers such as metal, recycling, etc) *
Please select the specialty containers you require. (Check all that apply) *
What is the size of your container (dumpster)? (Check all that apply) *
What is the price range you pay for trash collection each month? *
How do you classify your business? *
Rate your interest in joining a Centralized Collection Program *
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