South Central Calhoun School Facilities Improvement Survey
Facilities Project Survey
1. Are you a registered voter living in the boundaries of the South Central Calhoun District? *
2. Which community do you reside in or associate with the most? *
3. What is your age category? *
4. Do you currently have a child, children, or grandchildren who attend school at SCC? *
5. If you have children or grandchildren who attend school, which building? Please check all that apply.
6. When was the last time you visited the district's facilities? *
This month
This school year
Before this school year
I have not been in this facility
high school
high school locker rooms
elementary multi-purpose/lunch room
middle school gym
high school gym
7. If you were describe the physical space to meet the needs at the SCC Elementary, would you describe it as: *
8. How would you describe the locker rooms at the SCC High School? *
9. How would you describe the gym space in the district? *
10. Are you aware of the district's effort to address issues with our facilities and that there may be a possible PPEL or bond referendum vote in the near future? *
11. If there was a school Voter PPEL or bond referendum election, would you be willing to support it even if it included an increase in your taxes? *
12. Would you be more likely to support space for student services, one gym, two gyms, or locker improvements? Check all that apply. *
13. When you receive information concerning South Central Calhoun CSD, which is the best method for you to receive information? Check all that apply.
14. What groups could the school provide information to to help inform the public? Examples: church groups, civic organizations, social groups
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15. Optional: Name
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16. Optional: Email address - will be added to a list to provide facility meeting updates only
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