2021 Tulane Jewish Leaders (TJL) Application
Want to be involved in creating diverse, action-oriented & impactful programs around things that you’re passionate about – in COVID-safe style, on Tulane’s campus & out & about in NOLA? Consider joining Tulane Jewish Leaders (TJL)!

Through TJL, our current membership of 236 undergraduate students creates over 130 program annually, in areas including wetlands restoration, rock climbing, Israeli culture, jewelry making, Jewish holiday celebration, documentary screenings, weekend activities with kids, an art & farmers market, gardening, rain barrel painting, pottery, mental wellness & MUCH MORE.

TJL is open to ALL students, Jewish & non-Jewish alike - who want to gain hands-on leadership experience making amazing programs happen – through TJL you get a staff mentor, access to seed funding, partnership opportunities with fellow students, and marketing & graphic design services to build programs that you want to make happen.

The idea is that at some point in your time at Tulane, you will help to create at least one program at a time in your 4 years here, that works for you. TJL is an incredible resume builder, a great way to meet new people, build confidence that will serve you incredibly well moving into internships & jobs, and an amazing outlet for you to get hands-on in building programs around the things that you love to do.

We will be in touch to schedule an interview with you within a week or less of your submission of the below short application! The interview & application are truly just to get to know you – we will not turn anyone away, but it is on you, after admission – how much you choose to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lead & have impact!

Please reach out to Caroline Reichel at creichel@tulane.edu with any questions.
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