New Beginnings Diocese of Atlanta | Junior Weekend Advisor Application
The Junior Weekend Advisor (JWA) is one of the central leaders of the New Beginnings weekend. This role leads the family group leaders (FGLs), helps the FGLs develop their group identity at Team Training, and lead closing cleanup with the Prayer, Share, and Care Head (PSC).
If one is selected as the JWA, the person must serve as the Observing Junior Weekend Advisor at the previous New Beginnings weekend and observe the previous JWA. This is a two weekend commitment. If you are unable to commit to the two weekends, please contact the Lay Director, Wallace Benton.
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How many New Beginnings weekends have you attended? *
What positions have you worked at New Beginnings (or other retreat weekends)? *
Tell us about your relationship with God and how it has evolved over time. *
What are some leadership skills you have that can help you address conflicts that happen on team? *
What qualities do you believe the Junior Weekend Advisor should have and why? *
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Have you ever given a talk before? What did you talk about and how did you feel about it? *
What do you think the theme for the weekend should be? Why? *
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