Help as a Technical Mentor for the Digital Dun Laoghaire CoderDojo
There is a big waiting list of children in our locality who would love to be involved in the great learning experience of a Dojo but there are not enough places available in our town and locality for them.

Digital Dun Laoghaire (an initiative of Dun Laoghaire Business Improvement District) has established the Digital Dun Laoghaire CoderDojo DOJO in Starbucks Dun Laoghaire for 7 - 17 year olds meeting every Monday except bank holidays. Sessions normally run during school term times; we take breaks over half-term, Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays.

We need your help, in particular we need technical mentors (people with some practical coding experience) who can help our Ninjas.

Here is the outline of what is involved for a technical mentor -

Note: As is standard with CoderDOjo all mentors will undergo Garda E-Vetting, and will be required to supply proof of identification (in 2 formats please) and proof of address.

Please help us share the critical skill of coding with the next generation by entering your details below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Eoin Costello - Digital Connector at Digital Dun Laoghaire

P.S.: If you are a tech mentor we guarantee a placement for your child.

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All CoderDojo mentors are offering their services voluntarily in their individual capacity. The Dun Laoghaire CoderDojo venue bears no formal relationship, responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with the CoderDojo mentors and is offering its facilities to the CoderDojo network on a discretionary and good faith basis. All CoderDojo mentors are offering their services voluntarily and on a good faith, not-for profit, basis. Neither the CoderDojo mentors nor the host venue bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever or howsoever arising, for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from any advice or instruction, or lack of advice or instruction, offered by any CoderDojo mentor. We are participating in these sessions on a fully voluntary basis and do so at our own risk. We are free to follow or not to follow the CoderDojo mentors’ advice as we decide. Neither the host venue nor the CoderDojo mentors bear any responsibility for any damage that may be caused as a result of their instruction or lack of instruction. For example, if our laptop crashes or is damaged due to the downloading of any particular software suggested by a CoderDojo mentor, then we, and only we, bear full responsibility for any such damage and we hereby hold harmless and indemnify the host venue and the CoderDojo mentors for and against any claim for damages howsoever arising.
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