I just paid for a stall at WOT 2018
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Payment Options for Non-Members
Please select all that you have paid for. You can only choose 16' x 6' option for clothing.
8' x 6' stall for Rs 16,500
12' x 6' stall for Rs 26,500
Electric Items Rs 5000/item (up to 1500 watts max)
1 Table for Rs 500
Tick all that apply
Payment Options for Valid Elan Card Holders
Please select all that you have paid for. You can only choose 16' x 6' option for clothing.
Membership Card Rs 3000
8' x 6' stall for Rs 16,000
12' x 6' stall for Rs 26,000
Electric Items Rs 3000/item (up to 1500 watts max)
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