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You need a quote, and you need it fast. By filling out this form you will avoid a game of email ping pong to clarify things, and so streamline the process. Feel free to leave a field blank if it’s a no or an I don’t know. Not sure what live video means? Skip down to the bottom of the form. Thank you.
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Who or what are we shooting where and when?
How many cameras are we using (see below for the difference this makes)?
If more than one camera, are we using a switcher (switching the video inputs live and broadcasting a mixed stream)?
Are you looking for a high-end production with professional studio cameras or something in the moderate budget range (see below for the difference this makes)?
Are we projecting to screens? If so, how many and are the screens provided at the venue?
Are we inserting graphics (name bumpers, logos, graphs, diagrams etc.) into the live mix? If so, will these be provided or are we designing and preparing them?
Are we web-streaming? If so, for approximately how long and is dedicated bandwidth (min 10Mb/s) provided at the venue?
The difference it makes:
One or more cameras
One or more cameras: one camera during live production limits us to filming a wide shot most of the time, to make sure we don’t miss anything. This probably means few or no close ups (depending on the event), no facial expressions etc. Two or more cameras allow us to shoot different framings, so one wide, medium, close for example, as well as different angles. More cameras mean more security (if one shot is going out of focus or if the camera has a problem we can switch to the others), more variety and more dynamism.

Pro or budget range
Not everyone can afford studio cameras with optic fiber cables and live image quality control. These clearly give the best image quality in that the cameras have better sensors and smoother zoom and pan controls, but for those who need to cut costs, our budget setup provides a very solid alternative.
Is my video production live or not?
Live video production means we are transmitting the footage captured by the camera(s) directly to one or more screens and/or streaming it directly to the web or television. In live video, there is no post-production (cutting the video and audio to make a montage). If your project requires post-production, or if it contains an element of post-production, please click on the button that says Request a quote for video production.
If you have any questions or if you wish to discuss your project, please call us at +41 (0)21 211 7071 or (0)22 555 3495 . We're here to help.
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