PyStar - Post Workshop Survey
We'd like to get an idea of where you're at now. Nothing is required, if there's something you don't want to answer skip it. We appreciate all feedback you are willing to provide so that we can provide (completely anonymous) metrics on these courses.
Which PyStar event are you at?
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Were you a guide?
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If you were a guide - was this your first time teaching?
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Was this your first PyStar workshop?
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Post-Workshop Assessment
Check your selection. (‘-1’: strongly disagree, '0‘: disagree, ‘1’: agree, ‘2’: strongly agree)
I feel good right now
I find programming intimidating
I am excited to contribute to Open Source projects
Programming is satisfying
I am the boss of my computer
I feel comfortable using the command line / terminal / shell
I feel solid on programming basics
I feel solid on advanced programming concepts
I can write a 'hello, worl' in a programming language of my choice
I understand the basics of how the internet works
I can solve problems using computers
I know where to find help or additional resources for my computing questions
I feel excluded from programming communities
I am part of a programming community
Being called a programmer would make me feel good
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Workshop Material & Guide Evaluation
Please take a minute to help us with improving the workshops by letting us know what worked or didn't work for you about the event.
My guide's name(s):
Check your selection. (‘-1’: strongly disagree, ‘0‘: disagree, ‘1’: agree, ‘2’: strongly agree)
The curriculum worked for me
I felt safe asking the guide questions
I got what I expected from this workshop
I will continue to expand my programming skills after this workshop
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Two things missing for me were:
Two things I got from this workshop but didn't expect were:
Any additional comments and suggestions for improving this workshop?
(Suggestions might be: parts that were confusing, was it too magical? comments around the physical space)
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