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** NOTE: First initial print run has concluded, but I will keep referring to this list to announce future limited runs. Thank you so much for your patience! **

I'm very excited to announce that I will soon be able to sell prints of my collective works* of papercraft and illustrative fanarts that are inspired by Sarah J. Maas's books and series. As of now, the current license allows only a specific number of units to be sold at a time, so as to 'test the waters'.  With that regard, I do expect there to be a high demand for these prints, and I want to make sure that it is accessible to those who are interested in a fair manner while the artworks are under a limited stock.

Each run, I will be dropping a VERY limited number (TBA) of a select print or kit, If you are interested, please fill out the survey below to enter a lottery. When the license is active, randomly selected entrants will be sent an email with a password to access the print. These emails will be sent out in batches over the course of several days, so as to give time for purchasers to commit to the print before I replace the forfeited slots. Winners who purchase the print / kit will be removed from future runs until I can openly sell large quantities in future licensing renewals. If you are selected, but do not wish to purchase the print/kit that is available during that run, you will be placed back in the pool for a future draw.

I do expect this approach to have flaws, but my goal is to make the method of releasing these prints under the current circumstances as fair as possible, as there is no guarantee these prints will be available beyond this first run. Please let me know if anything can be improved during this experience, as I hope apply and adapt to any future opportunities. Thank you so much for your patience and support for these artworks!

- Rosie

* Artworks that were exclusive commissions will not available.

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