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PME專業證書課程 - 皇室糖霜的運用及技巧
日期:15~18/3 (星期一至四)
時間:10:00am - 5:30pm
導師:Peggy Wong (PME 認可之課程導師)

PME Diploma Course - Royal Icing & Piping Module
Date: 15~18/3 (Monday to Thursday)
Time: 10:00am - 5:30pm
Instructor: Peggy Wong (PME Accredited Tutor)
Fee: HK$5,200
課程內容 Course Description
- 利用不同的唧咀製作多款不同的裝飾,如花卉、葉子、立體教堂和糖霜曲奇等
- 多層重疊 (Over-piping)、立體浮雕 (Pressure-piping) 及吊線 (String Work) 等技巧
- 皇室糖霜刺繡 (Brush Embroidery) 及印圖版 (Stencil) 應用的技巧
- 唧花技巧 (玫瑰花、小野花等)
- 流質糖霜的運用及組件製作,包括造型圖案及裝飾糖片 (Panels & Collars)
- 打發皇室糖霜的技巧
- 皇室糖霜抹餅技巧
- 課程內將會完成一個多層仿真蛋糕及5塊糖霜曲奇


- Learn how to use different nozzles for icing cakes including piping flowers, leaves, 3D chapel and icing cookies.
- Over-piping, Pressure-piping, String work, etc.
- Brush Embroidery & Stencilling Techniques
- Piping Techniques (Rose, Blossom, etc.)
- Runout Motifs, Panels and Collars
- Making of soft Royal Icing
- Skills of coating cake with Royal Icing
- You will be working on 1 multi-tiered dummy cake and 5 icing cookies that you will take home upon completion of the course

*The tuition fee includes Course Book, Diploma Certificate, and all materials.
*All tools to be used in the classroom are provided and students do not need to bring their own tools to the class.
*All students will receive a course kit which has most of the equipment upon completion of the course.
*This course has been carefully designed for the beginners and all levels.
導師簡介 Instructor's Profile
Peggy Wong is the founder of Blossom Cakes, expert tutor, professional cake designer, and author of Desserts for the Beginners, Bake a Gift and Gift-in-return, and Fantastic Royal Icing Cookies, Peggy has over 20 years of teaching experiences from Japanese Cut Ribbon Flowers, bakery, to cake decorating & designs. Having grown up in the back of her family’s food company, she has always been obsessed with cake decorating and baking. Despite practical training through apprenticeship and learned from industry masters, she received formal baking training in Haking Wong Technical Institute of Hong Kong.

Peggy is a floral artist and she received her formal Graphic Design training from First Institute of Art and Design of Hong Kong. After that, she has completed several Advanced Professional Instructor Certificates including Japanese Cut Ribbon Flower, Gift Wrapping Art, Wax Flower Making, Creative Ribbon Bonsai, Chinese Knotting and Sogetsu Ikebana of Japan. She has moved into cake decorating in 2003 and is passionate about bringing her love for flowers to as many students as possible. Peggy has served as a judge in numerous international cake competitions. In 2017, she has led the Hong Kong team to participate in the Cake Designers World Championship FIPGC in Milan Italy while serving as a judge of the competition. Peggy is an accredited tutor for the PME Professional Diploma Course and is awarded Honorary Five Star Sugar Artist Medal in 2019.

Peggy Wong是Blossom Cakes創辦人、專業導師、蛋糕設計師,著有 “新手學甜點”、“點點心思” 和 “Fantastic糖霜曲奇”等烘焙書藉。Peggy生於烘焙世家,由外祖父起數代皆是烘焙業中堅份子,自幼深受薰陶,熱愛烘焙工藝。除跟隨餅房廚師的實戰經驗外,亦曾於香港黃克兢工業學院接受正統的烘焙訓練。

Peggy擁有超過20年的工藝教學經驗,曾教授日本切邊絲帶花藝、西式糕餅製作和蛋糕設計裝飾等課程。Peggy熱愛花藝設計;她畢業於香港大一藝術及設計學院平面設計專業,其後完成了多個專業花藝證書課程,包括日本切邊絲帶花藝一級講師、禮品包裝藝術、蠟花製作、盆景藝術、中國繩結和日本草月流花道。Peggy於2003年投入蛋糕製作及設計領域,將花藝技術融入蛋糕裝飾設計中,並熱衷教授糖花製作技巧。Peggy老師曾是多個大型國際蛋糕比賽的評判,她於2017年更帶領香港代表隊參與意大利米蘭的Cake Designers World Championship FIPGC比賽及參與該比賽的評判團。她是英國PME專業文憑課程的認證導師及於2019年獲頒發PME五星糖藝師榮譽勛章。
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