19/20 Dance Team Information Sheet

Dear Parent/Student:

The Lockport Dance teams perform at home football and basketball games. The varsity squad performs during varsity games and the junior varsity squad performs during sophomore games. In addition to their commitment to entertaining the Porter sports fans, both teams will be competing through IHSA.

The dance teams have an extremely long season that runs from June until the last week in February. Girls will be required to try out again for competition season. Members are not permitted to take part in any other organization/sport that would eliminate them from any practices or performances. (Participation in other organizations/sports are encouraged as long as team members are not missing practices/games/ or competitions to take part in those other organizations/sports.)Spring sports usually do not interfere with the season.

In order to be on the dance team, grades are very important. Squad members are required to keep a “C” average and are responsible for managing their time so that they will remain eligible to perform. Grades will be checked periodically. Any squad member who receives an “F” will be suspended until the grade is brought up to passing. A “D” will put a member on probation until the grade is brought up to a “C.” Consistently poor grades can eventually cause a member to be asked to leave the squad. School and IHSA rules regarding academic eligibility will be applied and followed.

Both teams will practice several days per week during the 2019-2020 school year. Both teams will have Saturday practices often, especially from November to February. During football season, the teams perform on Fridays for home games. During basketball season, they perform on designated days which are mostly on Fridays but can also include Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays. The girls will receive schedules in advance; please plan doctor’s appointments, dance lessons, etc. around the schedule. Attendance at practice, games, and competitions is mandatory unless excused due to illnesses, specific academic situations, and emergencies.

The team members and parents are also responsible for taking part in fundraising to cover team costs. The money raised will be used for various personal items, squad items, activities and/or costumes. All members are expected to participate in all fundraisers.

If you are in agreement with the goals and expectations and will support your daughter’s desire to try out for the LTHS Dance Team, please sign the permission form and return it by the first workshop day. She will not be able to participate in tryouts without this signed form. Good luck!


Julie Rolston Lauren Sanders
Head Coach Assistant Coach

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