Are you or do you know a Fancy Scientist?
When people think of scientist, they typically think of white men in lab coats. In my field, it tends to be field clothes and Chacos. However, LOTS of us do not look like this every day. There are lots of fancy scientists out there and I am going to take Fridays to feature a different one every week. Science and other STEM disciplines are perceived as incompatible with stereotypically “girly” things. But I like these things, and always have. When I first entered grad school, I didn’t feel comfortable expressing these interests, especially at conferences. Over the years, I decided to be me and embrace my fancy side.

Ever since I embraced my @FancyScientist handle, I have noticed there are a lot of fancy scientists out there! So let’s take the time to meet them. Are you a fancy scientist? The only criteria is you have to like to dress fancy. You do NOT have to be a woman and do not have to be rich. All genders welcome and all styles of fancy dress are welcome.

To view past fancy scientists for examples, visit this link:
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