URBANREC survey: draft legal recommendations for bulky waste
URBANREC is a Horizon 2020 project focusing on urban bulky waste. While important quantities of bulky waste are generated each year, most of it is going to disposal or incineration despite its potential for reuse and recycling. The project aims at improving reuse of bulky items as well as selective collection, separation and dismantlement processes for better recycling of bulky waste.

The project also aims to propose recommendations for a European legislation addressing bulky waste. For this purpose a working group on legal issues has been set within URBANREC. The group involves representatives of local and regional authorities, EU institutions, federations of producers and recyclers and NGOs. It meets on a regular basis to discuss different topics.

Based on discussions within the working group, recommendations for EU legislation on bulky waste will be presented to the European institutions during the project’s final conference in Brussels to be held in October 2019.

A first meeting of the Legal Working Group was held in November 2016. It served as an introduction of the members and the project, and included interactive discussions mainly on the scope and definition of bulky waste. The second meeting of the group took place May 2017. The topic of discussion was the reuse of bulky waste. Among the topics addressed were legislative definition and targets, how to measure reuse, various approaches to improving collection and reusability. The work of the Legal Working Group focused in 2018 on the hurdles faced by industrial stakeholders to introduce recycled materials on the market, with a third meeting on plastics in April 2018 and a survey on textiles in December 2018.

This survey follows the fourth meeting of the Legal Working Group held in April 2019 which purpose was to discuss draft recommendations . The survey aims to provide additional feedback on the proposed recommendations. The recommendations will be finalised after approval by the URBANREC consortium.

Read the draft recommendations: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Awz-1V177c_oxZvtYyWdo3EyZiHRAcQQ/view?usp=sharing

Find out more about URBANREC: http://www.urbanrec-project.eu/

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