Tacoma LNG Resistance
The Tacoma LNG plant is a threat to safety and a violation of tribal land rights. We have a chance to stop it from production, and it's going to take power from people like YOU!
Thanks for volunteering to stand up for tribal sovereignty and climate justice. This is a 350 Seattle organizing effort, and we would like to learn a little more about where you'd like to plug in. Please fill out this form and a volunteer coordinator will be in touch soon. If you've got any questions in the meantime, contact Stacy: stacy@350seattle.org
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Specialized Roles
Artful Activism Team Coordinator

We want to keep the dangers and inequities of fracked gas in the public’s eye through art -- guerilla art, art installations, graphic design, etc. The LNG Resistance team is looking for someone to coordinate the art projects -- working with a team of volunteers who want to make art, talking with potential volunteers about how to plug in, coordinating with 350 Seattle’s Artful Activism team to create the art, and coordinating with the LNG Resistance leads team to make sure the art is strategic and in line with the campaign goals. Ideal person has experience with creating art, leading projects, and working with volunteers, though if you meet some, but not all of these and are interested, please reach out!

Education & Outreach Team Coordinator

Though we already have an established toolkit for putting on a showing of "Ancestral Waters" and facilitating group discussions, we need someone who can coordinate this team and figure out the best way to ensure that a wide audience hears about these events. A coordinator should have experience putting on events, communicating information across multiple audiences, outreach strategy, and coordinating across volunteers.

Media/Communications Team Co-Lead

We need to spread this message wide and clear, with as many media outlets as possible! Letters to the editor, blogs, op-eds, and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc) are some of the target outlets, and we're always open to other ideas. Experience using media and social media to communicate messages to wide audiences is a must for this position, but you don't need experience in all of the realms we listed: this team has space for as many leads as needed.


If you love to get sucked into a Google wormhole, this might be the role for you. We need one or two folx who can investigate answers to nitty-gritty questions that come up. In the past, researchers have looked deep into safety concerns, PSE's inner circles, and more. This is a role for someone who likes to work independently and still contribute to the team, and who has some background in learning on the fly.

Ad Campaign Coordinator

We have a small grant to run an ad campaign to counter Puget Sound Energy’s greenwashing: in particular it’s build out of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in the state. We are looking for someone to project manage the ad campaign. To work with the team to build out the concept, work with an illustrator/animator and videographer to produce an ad, and work with our social media coordinators to design an ad campaign that leads to increase engagement. We’re seeking someone with relevant experience, in either the nonprofit or corporate sector.

Tech Support

Since our meetings are all online these days, we need someone who can make sure operations run smoothly. If you've got experience with Zoom meetings and webinars, your help is greatly appreciated!
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