ELI Summer EBS Program Application
Registration for 2020 ELI Summer EBS Program is now open. To apply, please complete this form and follow the directions for deposit payment.

Note: The Summer 2020 EBS program will be held ONLINE.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact us at summerprograms@umich.edu.
Applicant Information
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Please describe any experience you have had living or studying in the U.S. or another English-speaking country. (For example, "I studied for one year at a community college in New York in 2011.")
US Study Plans
In order to be considered for admission into the Summer Program, you must have been accepted to an academic program at the University of Michigan or another U.S. university for the upcoming fall semester. Please indicate the university where you plan to study and the type of degree you plan to pursue.

Note: Exceptions must be approved in advance by the ELI Director and the appropriate Summer Program Coordinator. Direct inquiries to summerprograms@umich.edu
University *
The name of the university which has accepted you for the fall semester
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Degree *
Which type of degree will you begin pursuing in the fall semester? (For example: MBA, MPA, etc.)
Submit Your University Acceptance Letter
In order to be considered for admission, you must email the ELI a copy of your university acceptance letter. Please attach these materials to an email message and send them to the following email address:

Submit Your English Proficiency Test Scores
Applicants must provide evidence of English proficiency sufficient to participate in ELI Summer Programs. For minimum score requirements, please see guidelines at


Please enter your scores below. If you have not been admitted to a U-M program for the fall, please also attach your score report to an email message and send it to the following email address:


NOTE: Your application will not be processed until we receive your test scores.
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Date Taken. Must be within the past two years.
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Sponsor or Business Affiliation (FOR SPONSORED STUDENTS ONLY)
Please respond to this section ONLY if you have a sponsor or business affiliation. Otherwise please proceed to the next section.
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Is there anything more you would like to tell us about yourself or your application?
Submit Your Application
IMPORTANT: After clicking 'Submit' below, you will see a confirmation message which contains a link to Summer Programs Payment Form where you will pay the required $500 deposit. Your application will not be considered until we receive your deposit, your acceptance letter, and your test scores.

This deposit applies to your tuition and is not refundable if you change your mind and decide not to attend. The deposit will be refunded only if you are not accepted to an ELI Summer Program.

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