Consultation Questionnaire
Please answer these questions before our first session. All answers are kept confidential and I will contact you directly if I need additional information.
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What are your health and fitness goals? If you don't or unsure, why do you want to try a free personal training session? *
ex. lose weight, tone, more energy, stay on track, be healthier
Do you currenty workout or just starting? *
If you work out, what do you currently do and how often?
If you're just starting, what type of exercise do you enjoy?
What do you struggle with when it comes to nutrition, healthy eating and/or exercise? (i.e. time, sugar addiction, knowledge of what to eat/do in an exercise program) *
Why do you want to make a change in your health and wellness? *
Do you have any injuries or other medical conditions that I should know about before our session? (i.e. high blood pressure, medications, surgeries, joint replacements, pregnancy etc.
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