Edmonton Alliance Chinese School 2020-2021 Registration (NEW STUDENT) | 愛城宣道學校 新生報名表 | 爱城宣道学校 新生报名表. ****PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW****
School Information:

Cantonese and Mandarin program:
Beginner 1, 2, 3
Junior level 1, 2; Intermediate 1, 2 and Advanced 1, 2
The Chinese Cultural Activities will run an hour 4 times in the school year.
Please note class availability for both Cantonese and Mandarin program is subject to interest.
New students in Beginner 1 must reach the age of 3 prior to Sept 1st and they must be potty trained.

Classes run every Saturday and end at 12:00 PM (there are no classes on long weekends):

Beginner Classes: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Junior, Intermediate, Advanced Classes: 9:15 AM – 12:00PM


The school fee for the full academic year is $320 (includes a non-refundable registration fee of $10)

Early Bird Discount:

New Students - Parents can enjoy an early bird discount of $20 if school fees are paid in full on or before June 13, 2020 by 12:00pm

Sibling Discount: One sibling of enrolled students can receive an additional $20 discount on their school fees.

Payment Details: eTransfer or Cheque

e-Transfer (can be email or phone number):
chineseschool@ecac.ca OR (780) 916-4238
Question: What city are we in?
Answer: Edmonton

Please include in the Message portion the FULL name of the student(s) you are registering. If that information is not included, the money will NOT be accepted.

Please make cheques payable to “Edmonton Alliance Chinese School” and include the student’s name and applying grade on the back of the cheque.

Mail to:
Edmonton Alliance Chinese School
5019-199 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6M 2T6

Please be advised that the school will be closed till end of current school year due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please direct any questions/concerns to our email address: chineseschool@ecac.ca

Student Withdrawal:
If a student withdraws BEFORE October 1st, 2020 a refund will be issued after deducting administration fees of $100.

If a student withdraws AFTER October 1st, 2020, here will be no refund given.

Other Items:
The Chinese School office hours are Saturday from 9:30AM to 12:00PM excluding long weekends.

The Chinese School office will re-open on September 5th, 2020.

For any inquiries, please send an email to chineseschool@ecac.ca

For more information, please visit www.ecac.ca


請注意: 粵語和普通話班級在乎註册人數開班。
粵語班:預備一至三班、初班(共兩年) 、中班(共兩年) 、 高班(共兩年)
普通話班:預備一及三班、初班(共兩年) 、中班(共兩年) 、高班(共兩年)

預備班: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
初、中、高班:9:15 AM-12:00PM

- 全年學費 $320,優惠學費 $300 (如在六月十三日中午前報名並繳交全年學費)、以上學費包括不退還的報名費,$10。
- 第二名就讀子女優惠減費$20。

用支票交費,支票抬頭 “Edmonton Alliance Chinese School”, 支票後面寫上學生之姓名及報讀班級。請將支票郵寄到以下地址:

Edmonton Alliance Chinese School
5019-199 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6M 2T6

請注意,由於大流行冠狀病毒疫情,學校將關閉至本學年結束。如有任何問題/疑慮請直接發送給我們的電子郵件, 郵址: chineseschool@ecac.ca

- 學生在十月一日前退學,扣除$100手續費後退回其餘學費。
- 學生在十月一日後退學,恕不退回任何費用。

- 校務處工作時間:星期六上課日上午九時三十分至十二時, 長週末除外。
- 學校於九月五日重開。
- 如有任何問題請電郵 chineseschool@ecac.ca,並可上網溜覽www.ecac.ca


请注意: 粤语和普通话班级在乎注册人数开班。
粤语班:预备一至三班、初班(共两年) 、中班(共两年) 、 高班(共两年)
普通话班:预备一及三班、初班(共两年) 、中班(共两年) 、高班(共两年)

预备班: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
初、中、高班:9:15 AM-12:00PM

- 全年学费 $320,优惠学费 $300 (如在六月十三日中午前报名并缴交全年学费) 。以上学费包括不退还的报名费,$10。
- 第二名就读子女优惠减费$20。


Email: chineseschool@ecac.ca
Question: What city are we in?
Answer: Edmonton

Message: 學生名字和選的班 - 如果不加名字和想讀的班,我們不會受學費

用支票交费,支票抬头 “Edmonton Alliance Chinese School”, 支票后面写上学生之姓名及报读班級。请将支票邮寄到以下地址:

Edmonton Alliance Chinese School
5019-199 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6M 2T6

请注意,由于大流行冠状病毒疫情,学校将关闭至本学年结束。如有任何问题/疑虑请直接发送给我们的电子邮件, 邮址: chineseschool@ecac.ca

- 学生在十月一日前退学,扣除$100手续费后退回其余学费。
- 学生在十月一日后退学,恕不退回任何费用。

- 校务处工作时间:星期六上课日上午九时三十分至十二时, 长周末除外。
- 学校于九月五日重开。
- 如有任何问题请电邮 chineseschool@ecac.ca,并可上网溜览www.ecac.ca
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1. Student Name (First Name, Last Name) 學生姓名 (英文) *
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2. Student Chinese Name 學生姓名 (中文)
If Student does not have a Chinese Name, please leave blank.
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3. Birthdate 出生日期 *
4. Gender 性別 *
6. Please indicate desired class to enrol in for the 2020-2021 School Year (please select ONE) 現在就讀本校年級 (選一) | 现在就读本校年级 (选一): *
*PLEASE NOTE THAT SELECTING YOUR DESIRED CLASS DOES *NOT* GUARANTEE THE CLASS IS AVAILABLE* Our class types are determined by interest. If there is not enough interest in the desired class, it MAY not be available in the upcoming year. 校方要視乎報名人數才能作實會否在新學年開班
7. Address 地址 *
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8. Parent/Guardian Name(s) 1 家長姓名 英文 *
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9. Parent/Guardian Chinese Name(s) 1 家長姓名 中文
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10. Parent/Guardian Phone Number 電話 *
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11. Address if different from above 地址:
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12. Parent/Guardian Name(s) 2 家長姓名 英文
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13. Parent/Guardian Chinese Name(s) 2 家長姓名 中文
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14. Parent/Guardian Phone Number 電話
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15. Address if different from above 地址:
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16. Main Language used by Parents/Guardians at Home 家中父母或監護人常用語言 | 家中父母或监护人常用语言 *
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17. Do you currently attend church? | 有沒有到教會聚?會| 有没有到教会聚会?: *
18. Name of the church attending 教會名稱: *
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19. Emergency Contact Name 緊急聯絡人姓名 | 紧急联络人姓名 *
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20. Emergency Contact Relationship to Student 學生關係 | 学生关系: *
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21. Emergency Contact Phone Number 電話: *
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22. Does the student have any siblings enrolled? |有沒有兄弟姐妹就讀本校? |有没有兄弟姐妹就读本校 *
If you are enrolling more than one child from your family, you may be eligible for a school fee discount.
23. If answered YES to previous question, please type sibling name | 如有姓名和班級|如有姓名和班级:
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24. Email for receiving Chinese Newsletters/Notice (1) 電郵地址|电邮地址 *
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25. Email for receiving Chinese Newsletters/Notice (2) (if there is an additional email) 電郵地址|电邮地址
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