Bloomington Crime Prevention Association (BCPA) 2020 Grant Application
The purpose of the Bloomington Crime Prevention Association is to provide financial
assistance to Bloomington community members who engage in crime prevention activity.

Grants will be awarded in November, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Grants must be submitted on this form, in this format, to be eligible for consideration!

Submit completed application no later than September 30, 2020.
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Is your organization a 501(c)3 not-for-profit? *
If no, is your organization a public agency/government? *
If no, check with funder for details on using fiscal agents and list name and address of fiscal agent as well as EIN #.
Please provide background information on your organization
State your organizations mission and goals: *
Summarize your organizations history: *
Describe your organizations current programs/events/activities: *
When answering the following questions, please ensure your answers are regarding your crime prevention efforts and how they pertain to the grant funds being requested.
GOAL. Describe the specific goal(s) and overall impact of the project or program as it relates to the Bloomington Community. Is this a new or continuing program/project? *
PROBLEM: Describe the problem that has created the need for project funding. *
SOLUTION: How will the proposed project contribute to a solution to the problem or will reduce the harmful impacts of the problem? *
UTILIZATION: Whom within the Bloomington Community will the project serve? Please provide the number of individuals to benefit from the funds. *
NEED. What unique services would the Bloomington Community be deprived of if you do not undertake this project? *
PROJECT TIME FRAME. Over what period of time will the funds be utilized? *
How will the funds be spent? *
Total project budget? *
Dollar amount requested? *
Minimum amount needed to accomplish project goal(s)? *
If full funding of your grant is not possible, is the program or project still feasible? The BCPA may choose to not fully fund a project request. If necessary, would your organization be open to partial funding? Describe: *
Please answer the following questions pertaining to how you will evaluate or measure the success of your grant request.
How will you evaluate the crime prevention impact. How will it reduce or prevent crime?: *
State how will you evaluate the impact on the Bloomington Community: *
Additional comments regarding your grant request: *
NOTE: All Grant Recipients must complete the BCPA Grant Report Form at the end of each Grant Cycle. If you are a current grant recipient, the Grant Report Form for your previous grant award must be submitted on or before 9/30/20 to be considered for the current 2020 round of funding.
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