Newark Thrives PSA Contest 2019
Please fill out this form to submit your entry to the PSA contest! Submissions are accepted until April 20th at 11:59PM so please fill it out in its entirety to ensure that your entry is received.

Are you having trouble finding data and statistics? Resources for the PSA can be found here on our website:

Contest Criteria
Must be no longer than 60 Seconds
Incorporate the mission/vision of Newark Thrives!
Must mention OST (out-of- school time)
Must be informative and have some kind of data or statistics about the benefit of OST programs (EXAMPLE 3)
Be Creative

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
• Originality and creativity [30 points] (Is the PSA unique and creative?)
• PSA concept [30 points] (Does the PSA clearly and accurately address the contest topic—to raise awareness of the importance of OST programs? Are the message and concept effective? Did you incorporate the impact/effects of summer slide?)
• Clarity of message [30 points] (Is the idea communicated clearly? Is the PSA well organized?)
• Quality of writing [10 points] (Does the PSA reflect proper spelling and grammar?)

Role (Teacher, Program Coordinator)
Student Team Information (List the Name, Grade and School of students)
Are you enrolled in an after school or summertime program?
What is the name of the program or organization?
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