Sacred Waters Retreat "Honoring Our Ancestors" Work Trade Information 2021
Honoring Our Ancestors “Unearthing the Past, Healing our Future”
May 28th -30th 2021 | Brandon Springs Group Center | Dover TN 37058
Business Office: 226 Downer Dr. Clarksville TN 37042
Phone: 615.669.4351 / Email: | Register:

Blessings Divine Goddess,

We appreciate your interest in the Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. We believe that you will be an integral part of this conference as you develop lifelong skills, training and friendships. Our retreat is designed to uplift women, while providing a safe & secure atmosphere for ritual, release, love, nurturing & unity. If you are hard working, responsible and enjoy working behind the scenes you are invited to join our team. Be a part of the inner circle of worker bees that feed the retreat it's lifeblood by helping it run smoothly throughout the weekend. This is a great opportunity to be of service. We will work together to create a magical gathering for all.

We are manifesting confident, sociable, thought provoking, vision oriented, no need for micro managing, working on self, kind, spiritually seeking, focused, tuned in women of color for a variety of well-rounded positions on the Sacred Waters Team:
1. Sacred Sister Ambassadors (FULL) -
3. Sacred Sister Ambassador Assistant - (FULL)
3. Sacred Sister Videographer/Photographer (1 position open - please forward portfolio to
4. Sponsorship Coordinator (1 position) - (FULL)
4. Logistics Team Assistants * ( FULL )
5. Work-trade (FULL) -

Be sure to read over the job description found on our website for details: click on Tennessee, scroll down "Additional Information"

These positions are NOT PAID!

You should only apply if:

1. You will make a conscious effort to be an asset to our staff by providing top notch service, commitment and dedication to our goals.
2. Can arrive ONE DAY or at least 3-5 hours early for the retreat (no exceptions).
3. You will be available for scheduled video conference once a month beginning March 2021. Staff will meet every week via video conference every week during the month of May 2021, leading up to the the retreat. Staff meetings will be scheduled on Sunday afternoon @6pm
4. You will be responsible for carrying your workload with the greatest of care
5. You will be responsible for meeting deadlines, turning in reports, and responding to emails in a timely fashion etc.
6. You will be responsible for honoring the opinions, job positions and responsibilities of staff
7. You will be responsible for reporting to your direct team leader for any concerns, questions, ideas etc.
8. DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THIS APPLICATION AFTER February 28, 2021 (they will not be viewed)!
9. You are applying for the photographer/videographer position please email some of your work to:

Each work-exchange staff must be available Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon and should be prepared to work 15-25 hours over the course of the conference. You must be at the Camp by 11 am on Thursday morning (If this is not feasible, DO NOT APPLY).

All work-exchange team members are required to pay $175.00 to cover a small portion of your meals & lodging. This will give you access to all meals from the cafeteria only. Additional meals, snacks etc., outside of the meal plan is not included.

As an incentive, we are offering you:
• Free Registration
• Free access to all workshops, rituals & activities
• The opportunity to share, explore, network and be a part of the driving force of the Sacred Waters Retreat

Applicants applying for our Scholarship program are responsible for paying a discounted fee of $175.00 as a part of our work-trade agreement.

Because we depend on our Work-Exchange Team, commitment to paying the meal plan fee, should only be paid after your application has been accepted. We are unable to hold your space. Applications are taken in order of receipt until all positions are filled.

If you receive a letter of acceptance. All fees are due ASAP. Applications will be rescinded without prior notification. No exceptions.

Our Manifesto:

WATER. Water heals and purifies. It quenches our bodies and revives our spirit. We subscribe to the truth that Water is divine and moves through us all. It is for this reason Sacred Waters Retreat holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and Oceans.

We Invoke the power of water to bring women together through emotion, ritual and connection to the divine feminine. We are moved to provide compassionate, and healing space where women can feel safe and nurtured. We offer sanctuary in nature, and encourage fun and exploration as we unite joyfully with our ancestry through sacred ritual.

Some paths are best walked alone and some are walked in profound harmony with others. We want to celebrate your journey to reclaim the SACRED that lies within you. Join us and BE MOVED.

To apply, please complete the application process below. Be sure to email a copy of your resume/current head shot on or before February 29, 2021. The job description link is accessible using the links above. We look forward to working with you.

Sobande Greer & Shana Nunnelly
Founding Directors

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