PhotoKTM4 Mixers
PhotoKTM thrives on being a gathering place for new and old friends. We hope this to be an opportunity for everyone to share ideas and contacts- who knows what possibilities this might lead to in the future!

Join us on Saturday, 5 Dec 2020 for a morning or evening of meet & greets!

Each mixer will be limited to 60 people. Registrations will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Please register here by 28 Nov 2020. Participation is free.

*Times mentioned below are Nepal Standard Time (NST)
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If you're in the USA, you may want to join us for MIXER 1:
Los Angeles: 7:15pm Friday, 4 Dec, New York: 10:15pm Friday, 4 Dec

If you're in East Australia, you may want to join us for MIXER 1:
Melbourne: 2:15pm

If you're in West Australia, you may want to join us for MIXER 1:
Perth: 9:15pm

If you're in Africa/Europe, you may want to join us for MIXER 2:
London/Dakar: 1:15pm, Berlin: 2:15pm, Cape Town/Cairo: 3:15pm, Istanbul: 4:15pm

If you're in South East Asia or East Asia, both mixers would work:
Yangon: 9:45am or 7:45pm
Hong Kong/Singapore: 11:15am or 9:15pm
Jakarta/Ho Chi Min: 10:15am or 8:15pm

In any case, if you google "9am in Nepal" or "7pm in Nepal", you should be able to easily pick a time according to your timezone.
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