Beta Streaming Services
Free 30 day trial streaming for registered RadioFlag users.

Please complete the form below, and we will send you detailed info on how to get started, so your radio station and content will be discovered and heard by a worldwide listening audience. Perfect for aspiring Radio DJs, Music Artists, Educators, Talk Hosts, Sports Leagues and Teams, Organizations and Businesses who want to expand and connect with their target audience.

Radioflag provides a default bitrate of 128kbps, compared to other services that may allow for more listeners, but the sound quality of your music or talk content will be very low . Our service at 128kbps instead ensures that your content reaches potential listeners at the proper radio listening quality..

You can manage your station through the industry standard Centovacast panel. AutoDJ is integrated rather than having to use an external feature, and playlist management is right at your fingertips for controlling non-live recorded content. Our single panel has all of the information you need to manage your stream.

Radioflag will assign you station call letters, create your station page with your logo, and plug you into its global network of radio stations, listeners and music artists, all who have access to its Social Radio platform on every major mobile platform, plus our web portal. As a broadcast partner, RadioFlag will actively promote your radio station and content to its user base in over 160 countries.

Plan A
If you are a new broadcaster, Plan A is perfect for you. At $30.00 USD a month, this package is ideal for stations who are just starting to establish a listener base. This package supports up to 50 simultaneous listeners streaming at 128 kbps, and includes 20GB of storage for powering the AutoDJ.

Plan B
If you already have an established audience and or expect rapid growth in listenership, then Plan B may be a better option to start at $75.00 USD a month. This package supports up to 120 simultaneous listeners streaming at 128 kbps. And includes 50GB of storage for powering the AutoDJ.

Note: As your listener base grows, our packages can grow with you, ensuring that your listeners always have the quality they deserve

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Free 30 day trial for registered RadioFlag users.
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