Vaping/Juuling Education Post-survey Blazer High School 3/20/2019
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What grade are you in? *
Have vaping, Juuling, and E-cigarettes been proven to be safer than cigarettes? *
Is the vapor you breathe in and out from vaping "just water"? *
Are there cancer causing agents in the liquids used for vaping, Juuling, and E-cigarettes? *
Is vaping, Juuling, and E-cigarettes addictive? *
Do we know the long-term effects of vaping, Juuling, and E-cigarettes on the human body? *
If you vape, Juul, or use E-cigarettes do you think you are addicted? *
If you DO NOT vape, Juul or use E-cigarettes, do you plan to try it in the future? *
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