Bike Train to Break Free 2016
To change everything, it will take everyone.

Thousands of people are converging upon March Point in Anacortes, WA in mid-May 2016. This is a site with two refineries where hundreds of people will risk arrest by engaging in peaceful civil disobedience. We are asking YOU to join this historic convergence and begin the global break from fossil fuels. Please fill out the form below to let us know you plan to participate in Break Free.

Bike Train to Break Free 2016: Seattle, Fremont neighborhood, to Anacortes via Whidbey Island

A bike train or a cycle train, is a group of people who cycle together on a set route following a set timetable. To engage the cycling community in Break Free 2016 we are providing safe & clear “Bike Train” route with stops from Seattle to March Point over May 12 - 14th. We will schedule stops, with clear times for arrival and departure, aiming to arrive at March Point for the large, family-friendly rallies and direct actions May 13-15th 2016.

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Schedule for Break Free Bike Train Seattle - Whidbey - Deception Pass - March Point
Schedule for Primary Route Option 1: Seattle - Whidbey - Deception Pass - March Point

*Route Map Forthcoming*

The route is taking roads with known wide shoulders or bike paths away from traffic. Exceptions to this are exiting the free in Clinton and crossing Deception Pass. On those occasions, taking a lane and occupying it with banners flying could be a fun option.

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Camping at Deception Pass for Break Free 2016
May 12: We have a safe location secured for bikers to camp on South Whidbey Island. Please bring tents & personal sleeping gear. Restrooms & cooking facilities available.

May 13-15th: The main convergence space for Break Free actions will be Deception Pass Park. We will have a designated space for cyclists, but there is limited space at the campground, so please let us know in advance if you will be camping.
We are told there will be events, music, presentations, and more held at the Deception Pass campground.

Do you intend to camp at Deception Pass for Break Free? If so, please indicate which dates you will be joining us! (We will be arriving at Deception Pass on May 13th)
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Organized by:
350 Seattle, 350 Portland, The Road to Athabasca, Occupy Your Bike, and Break Free South Whidbey in solidarity with Break Free from Fossil Fuels PNW
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