Stanton Preschool Parent Survey
Please read each statement carefully and choose the response which best reflects your opinion. In all there are six (6) possible responses you can choose for every statement. A response of 'neutral' indicates that you neither disagree nor agree - you have no opinion. Only choose 'don't know' when you genuinely don't have enough information to respond to the statement.
I think my child receives high quality teaching at this preschool.
This preschool has expectations that children will learn.
My child's teachers know what my child can do and what he/she needs to learn.
My child has access to quality materials and resources that help him/her learn.
I am satisfied with the learning programs offered at my child's preschool.
My child is happy at preschool this year.
This preschool provides a safe and secure environment.
This preschool encourages children to have a sense of pride in their achievement.
This preschool provides opportunities to discuss my child's progress.
I believe that if I have concerns or suggestions, the preschool would respond appropriately.
I believe there is effective educational leadership within the the preschool.
The preschool is always looking for ways to improve what it does.
I receive materials and training to help my child with their education.
Overall, I am satisfied with the preschool's planning.
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