Volunteers for Variants (2017)
Volunteers for Variants (V4V) is a unique opportunity for students in Life sciences/Medicine to participate and contribute to the ongoing cutting-edge research towards enabling precise diagnosis of rare diseases and understanding their molecular basis.

What are you expected to do ?
Volunteers are expected to annotate close to 1500 publications in the two month period between from July 01/2017 to Oct 01/2017. Training would be provided for prospective volunteers for over a week and the annotations would be continuously evaluated over the duration of activity.

Credits for annotation
All volunteers who perform over 1000 correct annotations would be provided appropriate credit in the publications that come out of the activity.

How much time am I expected to volunteer?
Volunteers are expected to spend approximately 2-3 hours daily reading manuscripts and annotating the specific variants described in the manuscript in standardized formats.

Why are we doing this ?
Doctors waste a considerable amount of time to find the clinical association of a variant, because no single comprehensive catalog is available. The lack of a systematic resource cataloguing variants and their associations, the full benefit of research is not being available.

We aim to create a systematic catalog of genetic variants which would save time for clinicians to arrive at a specific and certain genetic diagnosis.

Who can participate ?
The programme is open to undergraduate/postgraduate students in Life Sciences/Medicine

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