2107009: AA定向隊烏溪沙青年新村定日營體驗賽 AA Team Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Day Camp Experience Race
Fri. 2021.08.13 (星期五)
AA Team Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Day Camp Experience Race

可全日任何時間入營 Can enter the camp at any time throughout the day
自由享用營地設施包括游泳池 Free access to camp facilities including swimming pool

主項活動: Main activities:
AA定向隊體驗賽 AATeam Experience Races

17:30-18:45 17:30-18:45
越野式體驗賽 Cross Country Experience Event
順序到訪所有地圖上的控制點 Visit all control points on the map sequentially
根據完成時間計算成績 Calculate the result based on the time used.

19:30-20:30 19:30-20:30
黑夜奪分式體驗賽 Night Score Experience Event
限時 45分鐘 Time limit 45 minutes
每遲到一分童扣10分 10 points deducted for every minute late
(不足一分鐘作一分鐘計) (Less than one minute is calculated as one minute)
根據積分計算成績 Calculate the result by the cumulative score
(積分相同者,以完成時間較短者為勝) (if the points are the same, the shorter time used wins)

組別: Class:
1. 挑戰組 (>2.5km) 1. Challenge (>2.5km)
2. 高級組 (>2km) 2. Advanced (>2km)
3. 中級組 (>1.5km) 3. Intermediate (>1km)
4. 體驗組 (>1km 容易) 4. Experience (>1km Easy)
(可要求分組教練推薦參賽組別) (May ask the group coach to recommend the class)

獎勵: 各組前三名 (獎品鼓勵) Rewards: the top three in each class (prizes)

出發時間: Start time:
越野式體驗賽 (17:30-18:45) Cross Country Experience Event (17:30-18:45)
事前抽簽安排出發時間 Arrange the start time by drawing lots in advance
體驗組現場選擇17:30-14:00之間出發 For the experience class, will choose on-site
the start time between 17:30-14:00

黑夜奪分式體驗賽 (19:30-20:30) Night Score Experience Event (19:30-20:30)
19:30 集體出發 19:30 Mass Start

備註: Remarks:
1. 因為定向隊每星期皆有訓練, 1. Because the AATeam has training every week,
如未能參加是項活動的隊員, if a team member fails to participate in this
請諒解不會安排補課; activity, please understand that no make-up
classes will be arranged;

2. 歡迎家長報名參加是項日營體驗賽, 2. Parents are welcome to sign up for this
於安全的封閉營地體驗定向運動; day camp experience race, experience
orienteering in a safe closed camp;

3. 體驗組不必使用指南針; 3. Take part in experience class does not need
to use the compass;

4. 將於8月9日星期一公告活動詳情, 4. The details will be announced on Mon., August 9,
如: 比賽資料和出發名單等。 such as: event information and the start list, etc.

費用: 每位 HK$70 Fee: HK$70 per person
(包括營費及比賽雜項使費) (including day camp fee and
miscellaneous race expenses)

請於7月26日星期日晚上11時之前報名, Please register before 11pm on July 26 (Sunday),
以便翌日根據報名人數繳交營費。 in order to pay the camp fee according to the
actual number of registration.
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